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Insight Timer

I would love to be able to import data from the meditation app 'Insight Timer' (https://insighttimer.com/), for ios/android and web.

They have .cvs export with the following table headers and content:

- Started At: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS. Example: 08/21/2017 15:55:39
-Duration (minutes): MM. Example: 10
-Activity: Two values. Guided Meditation or Meditation. Example: Meditation.
-Preset: Any user preset. Can be named anything by the user. For example "My favourite meditation".

Example of the csv content:

/start here:

Started At,Duration (minutes),Activity,Preset

08/21/2017 15:55:39,10,Meditation,
08/21/2017 00:36:26,10,Meditation,My Own Meditationsetup
08/20/2017 16:03:40,10,Meditation,My Own Meditationsetup
08/05/2017 14:49:58,5,Meditation,
05/31/2017 01:47:07,7,Meditation,Charles Meditation
05/30/2017 00:46:30,5,Guided Meditation,
05/29/2017 05:56:24,7,Meditation,Min första
05/23/2017 02:57:22,5,Guided Meditation,

/end here.

Thank you!

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