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What is a bucket etc?

We try to minimize the amount of terminology that you need to know in order to use Zenobase. Nevertheless, here are some terms you might encounter:

Buckets contain events. Each bucket has a dashboard and optional tasks.

Views are read-only "views" on one or more (entire, or filtered) buckets.

Events are the basic unit of storage and consist of several fields. Each event has at least a "timestamp" and an "author" field.

Fields are typed data points such as timestamps, tags, coordinates, measurements with units etc. Fields can have one or more values.

Dashboards define the set of widgets used to show a bucket or a view.

Widgets are configurable components of a dashboard. There are widgets to show maps and different kinds of plots and tables.

Tasks add or update events in a bucket. Tasks are run when they are created, and incrementally whenever the bucket is refreshed. Retrieving data from a connected service is a typical task.

Credentials are required by certain tasks to access connected services on your behalf.

Authorizations keep track of third parties whom you gave access to your data, and can be revoked any time.

Templates are dashboards preconfigured for specific use cases.

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