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How does Zenobase compare to other services?

Consider using Zenobase if the following are important to you:

- Simple but flexible data model that can be used to store custom time-series data.
- Dashboards that can be used to filter, correlate and compare data.
- Integration with more than a dozen popular services.
- Open API for reading and storing data.
- Privacy policy that does not allow us to sell access to your data, even in anonymized or aggregate form.

Here are some alternatives with a slightly different focus:

- Simple, static dashboard to review your data (Gyroscope, Tictrac).
- Single-click data analysis and auto-generated insights (Exist, Optimized).
- Badges, leaderboards and other motivational features (BodyWise, Stridekick).
- Health or training recommendations (AddApp, dacadoo).
- Dashboard for browsing time-series data (Data Sense, Fluxtream).
- Unified API for data from multiple sources (Human API, Open mHealth, Validic).
- HIPAA-compliant platform for research and clinical data (Fitabase).

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